Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hello and welcome to my blog!
I've been debating for a while on what my first post should be about, and I'm still not too sure, but I though it would be nice to have some sort of introduction.
I'm a Liberal Studies - Multiple Subject Teaching major. I work as a one on one instructional aide to a child with autism. Previously I worked as an instructional aide in kindergarten classes. I first discovered my love for teaching when I was sixteen. I began to volunteer at the school I work at now. I fell in love with the students, of course, but it was watching them grow and progress throughout the school year that really grabbed my interest. I loved being able to see the children's love of learning and their excitement when they discovered something new or finally understood a tough new concept. It also helped to have an amazing mentor, to whom I owe much of the credit for my enthusiasm for teaching. Along with teaching, I have a passion for the arts. I would love to be able to combine these interests and use them to give my students more opportunities to venture into the many aspects of the arts. I am eager and looking forward to having classes of my own in the future, and through this blog I hope to document a little bit of my journey towards that day.